70 years of Italian coffee passion

Synonymous with quality and a level of service unsurpassed in the industry, Sandalj Trading Company is an importer specialised in sourcing fine quality coffees from around the world. Headquartered in the Mediterranean port of Trieste, Sandalj’s selected team of experts and consultants can advise and provide for any coffee requirement. We are the only importers specialised in the espresso market: when selecting lots we cup through espresso, and evaluate accordingly. You won’t get any surprises as can happen when you buy a lot evaluated with traditional cupping, but intend to use it for espresso consumption.

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The coffee section on our website is always up-to-date and extremely easy to browse. Click on the individual lots to visualize a dropdown with cupping and origin notes, videos and much more! From exceptional Sandalj Traceability coffees and high quality Arabicas and Robustas, to our signature Sandalj Blends, we always have more than 100 coffees on offer at any point in time. We also have a number of single origin or blended decafs, and a growing selection of UTZ, Fairtrade and Organic certified coffees. Browse and contact us for further information.



ready to roast

Exceptional ready-to-roast 30 kg blends have guaranteed qualitative continuity. The first were crafted over 20 years ago, so we admit to having a fare share of know-how. They can be consumed on their own, or further mixed to create highly personalized solutions. Sandalj Blends are created for use in espresso, cappuccino, moka, pods and filter extraction methods. Individual descriptions, cupping notes and videos are easy to browse online!

Accademia Del Caffè by Sandalj Trading Company


Sharing our Italian Coffee Passion since 2000

Our training centre started off by offering bespoke courses to clients who wished to know more about their products. Our SCA-certified trainers now offer these in addition to an array of courses targeted to roasters, baristas, consumers and aficionados. Contact us and ask of Francesca Bieker.


guarantee of excellence

A benchmark within the coffee industry, Sandalj implements extensive quality checks throughout the sourcing process. From quality-centred selection and purchasing, to proper milling, grading, sorting and shipping, we assure quality from the producing country to the final cup. When we find selection at origin has not been rigorous enough but the coffee is promising, we further clean and screen the beans in our warehouses to provide the best after-sale guarantee of quality.